About Oskari Juurikkala

Oskari Juurikkala is a researcher at the Institute of International Economic Law, University of Helsinki.

A graduate in both law (London School of Economics) and economics (Helsinki School of Economics), Juurikkala has published on a range of topics including financial regulation, venture capital, law and social norms, philosophy of economics, and legal philosophy.

Before starting his doctoral thesis, Juurikkala was a researcher at the Institute of Economic Affairs in London. In the academia he has taught various courses, including Economics and Politics of European Integration (University of Helsinki), Law and Economics (University of Helsinki), Intermediate Microeconomics (Hanken School of Economics), and Business Ethics (Helsinki School of Economics). Juurikkala is also a consultant with the leadership training company Providentia.

Personal webpage: http://oskarijuurikkala.wordpress.com
LinkedIn: Oskari Juurikkala